6/23/2017 Newsletter: Thank you for Downloading Our Alexa App

I just want to give a quick thank you.

My co-founder and I truly thank you for downloading and supporting our Growth Hacker Alexa App.  We’re approaching 5,000 plays and our team is working hard to curate content just for you.  To date, here is the most popular growth hacking tip:

“Tweet and Like buttons isn’t word of mouth marketing. Rather, word of mouth comes from content, thoughtfulness, solved problems, and ease of use—in short, the whole experience of a product or service.” – Sean Ellis, Former Head of Growth at Dropbox and GrowthHackers CEO

Again, thank you for your support. We’ll continue to bring you more products and services. Like this one.

As usual, here are five articles that got my attention this week:

(1) 5 Facebook Ad Optimization Rules to Steal (And 5 Reasons Why You Need Them)

(2) If You Had 24 Hours to Improve Revenue, What Would You Do?  Top Growth Hackers Respond

(3) How to Write Sales Copy for Your Emails to Get Results?

(4) 162 Best Ecommerce Site Designs of 2017

(5) How to Get Your Medium Stories to Rank on The Front Page of Google

I will be teaching or speaking in the next few months. Here are the dates:

– 7/17: Digital Marketing Workshop in Seattle, WA
– 8/15: Digital Marketing Workshop in Seattle, WA
– 8/23: Marketing Talk in NY, NY
– 8/14: Data Talk in San Francisco, CA
2/22: Growth Marketing in LA, CA


Jim Huffman
Co-Founder & CEO