Jim Huffman

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Hi, I’m Jim Huffman, Techstars Mentor, Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly and founder of GrowthHit.  I’m an experienced marketer that has successfully grown two startups from $0 to $1M in sales.

My background includes a brief stint in  M&A Investment Banking. (Translation: I worked in Microsoft Excel for 3 years.) I launched the Dallas Edition for UrbanDaddy and ran their eCommerce brand, Perks. Then I was employee #1 at a NYC startup called TheTake.  Now I help advise startups with my company GrowthHit.

Also, I lead workshops, classes and lectures through the ANA, TechstarsGeneral Assembly and Comotion at the University of Washington.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and email me at jim at growthhit dot com.

And that girl pushing me in the photo is my wife. She’s strong.