My Digital Marketing Presentation at TechStars

My Techstars Presentation on Digital Marketing and Growing Startups.

This past month I did a presentation at Techstars NYC on growth marketing for their 2016 Internet of Things batch.

As a growth mentor, I was asked to tailor my talk to B2B businesses to match most of the startups in their IOT startup batch.  It was a blast and we got to talk about marketing for drones, 3D printers and electric car chargers.  Instead of letting this deck collect dust, I thought I would share it.  Here is what to expect:

We went through everything from how to run your growth process and the fundamentals of growth hacking to best practices for SEO (search engine optimization) and Facebook retargeting ads. Also, I laid out how to set up your technical marketing infrastructure.

I am starting to work with a few of the startups and look forward sharing their success stories.  See the full deck below: