How to Make a Growth Plan for a B2B Company (See Case Study)

Hey all,

I work with lots of B2C companies and you can see how we growth them here.

But, how do you make a growth plan for a B2B company?

How do you keep your marketing team focused and on track with a clear plan of action?

Sadly, most people don’t know how to make a growth plan.

Worse, they end up going to google and typing “growth plan” or “marketing plan” and it takes them to a black hole of outdated templates and tactics.  

To help, I’m going to go deep on how to make a growth plan for one lucky company, ConvertKit. I am a fan of this company and it’s founder, Nathan Barry. Hopefully he sees this as a compliment to his tool.

The growth plan will go into detail on everything from value proposition and analytics to how to setup a landing page and what growth experiments to run.

Here is how we’re going to categorize the growth plan.

1) Identify Customers
2) Competitor Research
3) Proposition Mapping
4) SEO & Content Strategy
5) Analytics Infrastructure
6) CRO & List Building
7) Paid Campaigns
8) Growth Experiments
9) Growth Projections

Check out the entire blog post here.


Jim Huffman

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Book + Online Course + Templates + 100 Growth Tactics

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