Why I’m Launching a Content Site

Funnel Teardowns

Recently, I announced the launch of our new content platform: FunnelTeardowns

Some people went bananas 🍌. Some people asked why would we invest our agency’s time on this instead of other growth initiatives.

Here are my thoughts.

Wait, Why Would a Growth Agency Launch a Content Site? 

“In a world with unlimited competition for attention, you must find a way to deliver value to your customer before they ever make it to your product pitch.”

Someone Really Smart

What does this mean for most companies? At the end of the day, all businesses will be media companies

If that’s true then the real question is this: what type of programming do you want to make for your “media” company?

  • Print newspapers?
  • Write blog posts?
  • Weekly posts on Twitter and Facebook Produce YouTube videos?
  • Short-form clips on TikTok?

Are You Running a Half-Assed Content Strategy?

The unintentional answer that most brands make is what I call the Half-Assed Content Strategy (HACS) of the internet. 
What does a half-assed content strategy (HACS) look like?  Here is the exact recipe: 

  • Spend very little time thinking of content to post and eventually delegate that task to an intern 
  • Post the same half-assed content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin 
  • Promise to write a weekly blog post but never meet a deadline
  • Last, send a weekly email newsletter about the same things you tweeted about that morning . . . but with the occasional emoji in the subject line.

I know the half-assed content strategy (HACS) because I have been practicing it for years.  Yes, you can get some nice little benefits from the HACS but you’re not going to grow significantly.

Oh, and while you’re half-assing your content every channel you’re on is getting more competitive and oversaturated.

So what’s your move?  How do you go from half-ass to whole-ass . . . or something like that.  

You pick one thing and you do it better than anyone else on the web.

We’re making a bet that it’s about doing less of everything and more of that one thing that makes you unique and special.  What can you own?  What can you do differently?  Here is our answer.

We’ve decided that our media programming is an entirely new site called Funnel Teardowns.  Here we’re breaking down the top marketing funnels of the year for vc-backed b2c and b2b brands.  We love case studies but we have issues finding them for up and coming brands that are truly the most innovative.  That’s why we’re creating this.

  • It’s the onboarding strategy of Peloton.
  • The retention plan from Curology.
  • Glossier’s $3B sales funnel.

These are 40+ page slides and YouTube videos breaking down everything you need to know from the most innovative brands.  We want to be the go-to place for marketing funnel case studies.

Full disclosure: this wasn’t my idea.

I stumbled upon the creator of FunnelTeardowns and was blown away by the concept.  So much so that I tossed him on our exec board.  His name is Yonathan Ayenew and he is now the GrowthHit COO.  Watch out because he is about to blow up like a Lizzo single on Labor Day Weekend.

Please check out FunnelTeardowns and let me know your thoughts. 

We’ll see if this bet pays off but we’re extremely excited to do something that feels different from all the noise that is out there. As a bootstrapped founder, it’s about calculated risks as you try to grow the right way.