My 2020 Goals

goal setting

Here is the process I used for setting my 2020 goals.  It’s inspired by the framework used at Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Layout the identity you aspire to have in 2020.  
  2. Create the goals that align with that identity. 
  3. Break down the goals into simple habits you can do every single day or week.  

Why this structure?

Big goals are exciting to set but easy to ignore. If I don’t break my goals into small action items then i’ll ignore them because they’re too daunting. Then I get bummed.

And then I’ll eat my emotions in the form of HaloTop ice cream 🍨.

If I can turn these goals into micro habits I can put them into my calendar. Then I might actually do them.  Here is how I did it: 

To start, I broke up my goals into the following categories:

💻 Work
👪 Family
💪 Body & Mind
⛱️ Travel
💸 Finance 
 🙀 Get Out of My Comfort Zone

Before diving in, I took a step back to decide how these goals support the person I want to be.  What is my “identify” if I’m using the Atomic Habits language? Here is what I came up with: 


  • A Dad/Husband that is Kind & Patient
  • A CEO that’s Uniquely Strategic
  • A Content Creator that’s Thinks Differently (Not to be confused with innovative)
  • Someone that’s Health Focused
  • Someone that’s Interesting because they’re interested 

Okay, now to the exact goals that I set for 2020.  Here they are by category: 


  • Hit our MRR financial goal by Q4 2020
  • 3x our 📧email list size
  • Create one piece of content per week
  • Launch one startup out of GrowthHit’s Startup Lab
  • Close LinkedIn as a content partner


  • West (2): Get her into 1 sport, 1 creative hobby and up on skis b4 she is 4.
  • Wren (10 weeks): get her to stop crying
  • Wife: Bi-weekly date nights, 3 concerts in 2020, 5 family trips, and one killer b-day party


  • Pay basketball once per week
  • Eat healthy 6 days / week
  • Read 24 books (2 Per month)
  • Charity event with ALS


  • Rent house in Europe for 2 weeks 
  • 3 Ski Trips in 2020
  • 2 Beach Trips 
  • 1 family trip on Oregon Coast


  • Hit our monthly savings goal
  • 1 rental property
  • Hit college savings goals for our two girls
  • Identify spots for a dream vacation home 🏠 . . . just incase we hit the lottery  


*These are fun ones and I only need to pick one to do this year.  Ideally, these are things I am bad at, have never done, or make me nervous.

  • Standup comedy
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Build something with my hands so I feel like a damn “man”  
  • Find my go-to Karaoke song

Finally, the most important part.  What are the daily habits I can do that roll up to me actually hitting these goals?  I tried to keep the habits as small and simple as possible.

The habits don’t actually hit the goal but they create the action that leads to me working on the goal. 

Example: Laying out my running shoes every night and setting my alarm at 6am. If I do that there is a very strong chance I go for a jog in the morning.  


  1. Write 2 sentences every night before I go to sleep [NIGHT]
  2. Do 1 pushup everyday before I have my coffee [MORNING]
  3. Read 1 page everyday before I end lunch [LUNCH]
  4. Read my goals everyday before I check my email [MORNING]
  5. Put basketball shoes in bag every Friday night and set alarm [SATURDAY]

This doesn’t include all my goals but it includes most of them.  For the rest of them, I put reminders in my calendar and I revisit them every month.

Hope this helps as you look to create your goals for 2020.