Newsletter: 23 Things I Learned from Spending $100,000 on Facebook Ads

So, you want to scale your Facebook ads?

You want to go from spending, say $5 per day to something like $30,000 every month?

Great! But, hold onto your wallet.  Let’s cover some basics.

This past year, we took on two tasks: mastering the always evolving Facebook ad platform, and scaling a budget for Facebook ads from $20 a day to $50,000 a month.

Here’s what we learned about Scaling Facebook Ads along the way.

As usual, here are five articles that got my attention this week:

(1) How to Launch a New Website When You Have Zero Experience

(2) 16 Genius Ideas for Your Facebook Ad A/B Testing

(3) Finding and Fixing Conversion Problems with Google Analytics

(4) CASE STUDY: The Pre-launch Strategy That Built MeetEdgar a 100k List

(5) The Hypergrowth Curve: How to Navigate the 3 Stages of Massive Growth

I will be teaching or speaking in the next few months. Here are the dates:

– 6/8: Data Talk in San Francisco, CA
– 6/13: Marketing Plan Workshop an Online Webinar
– 7/24: Digital Marketing Workshop in Seattle, WA
– 8/23: Marketing Talk in NY, NY


Jim Huffman
Co-Founder & CEO