Newsletter: How to NOT Become an Outdated Marketer

As a marketer, how do you stay on top of everything?

It’s really hard to know what’s trending in the digital space. The landscape moves so fast. It’s overwhelming. And it’s just annoying.

Translation: it’s easy for your marketing skills to become outdated.

But, I’ve found a few go-to sources that help me stay in the know.

Actually, they help me stay ahead of most other marketers.  I am able to browse these sources in 10 minutes and learn a little something every single day.  If anything, they help me identify trends of where the market is going.  Here is a quick list by vertical.

For Facebook ads, I use this blog and I do a call with my Facebook ad rep once a month. Their blog is good as well – boring, but good.

For conversion tips, conversionXL is hard to beat.

For SEO tips, Search Engine Land, MOZ and the Google Analytics blog will cover 99% of what you want.  (Brian Dean’s blog is worth a shout out.)

For growth case studies, these guys are the main hub and I love the Sumo blog.

For social media, the team at Buffer constantly churns out great case studies.

For product inspiration, I reference the Product Hunt App at least once a day.

For design inspiration, I am not a designer but I like to be in the know. I check out Dribble’s top list and I look at the top apps in the app store once a week. Optimizely provides great case studies as well.

I use Feedly’s RSS feed to pull in most of these feeds.

Disclaimer: I’m kind of obsessed with basketball so here are my other must-read resources for staying in the know as a die-hard hoops fan.

For basketball season, I toss on another 10 minutes of reading here and . . . here.  Oh, and I may or may not watch the locker room speech from Hoosiers before big meetings.

As usual, here are five articles that got my attention this week:

(1) 7 Facebook Headline Hacks to drive clicks through the roof

(2) How to Turn Your (Boring and Generic) Emails Into Emails that Convert

(3) 3 Ways To Drive Visitors To Your Latest Blog Post

(4) Funnel Analysis: Finding and Fixing Conversion Problems with Google Analytics

(5) Why Product Market Fit Isn’t Enough

I will be teaching or speaking in the next few months. Here are the dates:

– 7/17: Digital Marketing Workshop in Seattle, WA
– 8/15: Digital Marketing Workshop in Seattle, WA
– 8/23: Marketing Talk in NY, NY
– 8/14: Data Talk in San Francisco, CA
2/22: Growth Marketing in LA, CA


Jim Huffman
Co-Founder & CEO