Our New GrowthHit Website is LIVE

growthhit website

Today, I’ll get right to the point.

Our new GrowthHit website (version 1) is LIVE and we want your opinion. (Seriously, just leave a comment with what you like and don’t like.  The more honest the better bc we’ll be iterating on this.)

Check it out HERE 👀.

Some highlights include the following: 

📈 Added case studies 
🛠️ A “conversational” services page 
☎️ An easier path for prospects to connect with us

For version two of the site, we’ll be rolling out a new blog, our company page and one special project that I cannot tell you 😶 about yet.  Get excited. 

Wait, so how easy or hard was it to do this little redesign?

Most website redesigns go over budget and over time significantly. I know this because I have missed the initial “new website launch date” many times.  Here is what we did well and not well.  Hopefully, it’ll help you with your next redesign. 


👍 We removed features (and pages) to hit our launch deadline #noscopecreep 
👍 We had the designer make two completely outlines to pick from before we went really deep
👍 The designer did multiple check-ins to mitigate any “surprises”
👍 Set hard deadlines for each milestone


👎 We didn’t nail down the copy on each page which impacted design more than I thought
👎 We went over budget by $1k because we had changes during development 
👎 We didn’t get to update every page we wanted bc of the above changes

Hope that helps!

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